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Attorney Dan Susi Services Erie PA, Meadville PA, Edinboro PA & Nearby Areas

Attorney Dan Susi has been serving Meadville PA, Edinboro PA, Erie PA & surrounding areas with legal services since 1988. He can assist and provide representation in many areas of law, including the following:


The legal system in the Erie PA area might constantly change, but Dan Susi is the criminal defense attorney and DUI defense attorney in the area who works hard to help you get the verdict you are hoping for. 

Attorney Dan Susi is also a DUI defense attorney for the Erie PA area. If you need legal assistance in any of these areas, call Attorney Dan Susi today and get a free consultation!

An Expert Attorney Who Cares

Attorney Dan Susi cares deeply about the community in Erie PA and stays very active in it. He is currently serving as Chairman of the Erie County Sewer Commission. If you need an attorney with knowledge, courtroom experience, and client responsiveness in any of the above areas, contact attorney Dan Susi today!

Attorney Dan Susi understands the legal system inside and out. Our criminal defense attorney is an experienced professional and an excellent choice if you need assistance with any kind of criminal charges. He also specializes as a child custody attorney, probate lawyer, and an estate attorney.

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