Child Custody


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Do you believe your child’s other parent is unfit to raise your child? Is he or she denying you the right to see him or her? You have rights as a parent, and Attorney Dan Susi will fight for those rights. Our firm always puts the needs of the child first, so if you believe that your child is not in the best situation that they can be in, call us. We want to make sure that each parent is doing whatever he or she can to provide the best life for the child.

As a child custody attorney, we understand that this can be a very scary time for you, which is why we work closely with you to build your case so you can get the favorable results that you need to keep your children safe and in good hands. When our attorneys build you a case, they will be thorough so you don’t have any worries that you’re not presenting your best case.

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If you have a child custody case, please give us a call. Child custody attorney Dan Susi is here to help. He not only has years of experience in child custody law, but he is also available 24/7 to answer any questions and guide you throughout the court process. This way you can feel confident that when we’re on your side, we will make sure your child is protected. Call Dan Susi, an experienced child custody attorney, for a consultation today!

Attorney Dan Susi is also an experienced criminal defense attorney who has served Erie, PA and Meadville, PA for many years now. 

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